This page is our session archive. We've done this course multiple times in the past (the first time in June 2015). Please refer to our Meetup page to join us on a Monday. Where and when we meet you can see on the meetup page as well.

Please also check out the curriculum of our Berlin colleagues.

Other recommended sources of Ruby materials are _why's poignant guide to Ruby and Learn Ruby the Hard Way.

A more general list of recommended resources (online courses, books, tutorials and more) can be found in this blog post: Leigh Halliday: Best Ruby & Ruby on Rails Resources

Welcome to Ruby Monstas!

This topic is all about explaining what Ruby Monstas is and getting you ready to learn to program!

IRB (Interactive Ruby)

In this topic we start diving into programming with Ruby. We look at how we can try Ruby commands in the Interactive Ruby program (IRB).


We look at Numbers and how to do simple math in Ruby.


We learn about Strings (of characters) and how to use them.


We learn how to store data in our programs in variables.


We learn what Methods are and how we can use them to interact with objects in the Ruby world.