Ruby Monstas

Learning to program

Learning strategies

People have different ways of learning

Listening to lectures

Reading books/slides

Programming by themselves/in groups

Solving exercises

Find your own way!

Programming languages

...are a bit like natural languages

They have a syntax and vocabulary!

You tell to the computer what you want it to do

But the computer is very strict in its interpretation of what you're saying!

Lots of practise will make you fluent in "speaking" the language

Some general hints

Some general hints

Focus when you learn, get rid of distractions

Write your own notes about the lectures/exercises

Try to bring in your own ideas, build on top of the exercises

Try to make your own small projects

Learning to program

Error messages are your friends

Don't be afraid to google: Use "ruby" in your search

Divide and conquer: Start with the smallest possible step and make sure it works before you move on

Additional Resources

Ruby For Beginners: Learning to program

What questions do you have?