Ruby Monstas


What is Ruby Monstas?

Completely free introductory Ruby course for women

We want to bring more women to tech

We want to motivate you to learn to code

We want you to have fun learning to code

Who are we coaches?

(Former) Ruby Monstas participants

Professional software developers

(Former) Ruby Monstas participants

Marion Neuenschwander

Martina Friker

Hana Harencarova

Nikoleta Doykova

Professional software developers

Ferdinand Niedermann

Marion Schleifer

Thomas Ritter

Mario Schüttel

Dimiter Petrov

Mischa Steiner

Who are you?

What's your name?

What do you do?

What's your motivation to learn Ruby?

Course Schedule

Weekly meetups

Course 'starts' every first Monday of the month

Course 'ends' never ;-)

(Almost) every Monday at 18:30 (see: Meetup)

Course procedure

Dozens of topics

We adapt to who comes each week (coaches and participants)

Don't worry about skipping meetups. You can always pick up from where you are

Meetup procedure

We present slides for a topic (lecture)

And/or practice using the exercise sheets (one or more per topic)

How to use the slides

These slides are a bit special: They can be nested vertically!

Use Space to go to the next slide, not .

Hardware lending

ThinkPad laptops available for lending

All necessary software pre-installed for you

For individual meetups or longer term

Buying possible at cost

What will I get out of the course?

Depends a lot on you!

Have a good understanding of the Ruby programming language

Know how to use it to solve actual problems

Understand how to programs work in general and Ruby specifically

Success Story: Hana

Is building a web application for managing her paragliding school

Success Story: Nikoleta

Is building app in Rails and is learning Java as next programming language.

Success Story: Martina

Built the code4school website

Success Story: Marion

Built a members-only web application for her choir

What questions do you have so far?